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March 29, 2017

Watching paint dry. A phrase invented to describe the most boring activities known to mankind. Thus am I being painfully reminded of the reasons I never do my nails. I have things to do! Important things! Things I was avoiding which is why I painted my nails in the first place! Sadly, I am committed now. That’ll teach me.

Unexpected dear companions like falling stars, however brief Gift awe and reverence Illuminating the lonely darkness of life For but a moment. Grazing hearts before they are gone into the horizon Skimming that curve of Earth before they disappear. We, too, shoot across the firmament Knowing not how we touch the lives of others Skipping …

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They’ve got axes to grind, but I’ve given up mine Those edges worn brittle Thinned and whittled down with anger Both sides Chipped and Damaged Swinging not caring who they cut. Isn’t it enough already? Double-bladed exchanges full of hate Each believing they know more of love. Whet stones shedding sparks Starting fires the rest …

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