Write As Rea

The happy intersection between what I want to write and what people want to read.

I can’t get off.

I don’t remember anymore how I found myself here.

Still, it spins and spins. The majestic mounts and the mirrors are all as familiar to me as the thoughts that plague me day after day.

Why am I here?

That is the question I ask myself the most, but it’s not the most painful question.

Will I always be alone?

Ah, yes. That’s the one. I don’t think about it much anymore. That’s what I tell myself anyway, as I watch the people as I swirl past. They go their way and I go mine and they don’t really see me here. I fade into the colors and their eyes gaze past me to the furniture of my cage.

Sometimes I wonder if they see that either. It’s a disconcerting thought. I see them. I long to follow, to join, to live untethered as they do. It is not to be. Night falls, and they disappear one by one until the lights blink on and hide the stars.

My favorite haunt is the phaeton. The little two-seater, and I, its lone occupant. My steeds dashing off to nowhere. I imagine someday that someone will join me. That the music will stop its grating tune, and the endless cycle will let me be at last.

“Is this seat taken?”

I hear it and think that I have fallen into a restless slumber, but I never dream and hope has long abandoned me on this fruitless journey. A stupor has me silent and the smiling eyes grow uncertain staring into mine. Seeing me.

My eyes fill with tears.

A hand is extended. Calloused but kind all the same.

“Perhaps you’d prefer to take a walk instead?”

That hand pulls me to my feet, to the edge of the unknown, and my fingers lace with those of my long-awaited companion.

I step into the abyss and the ground no longer spins beneath my feet.

(This was a fun little piece for me to explore. It started out as an idea for a ghost story on a haunted merry-go-round. While it can still be read that way, it can also be read as a metaphor for life or as a possible romance. It’s written in first-person perspective which I don’t generally like, but it just seemed to fit the nature of the story. The way it developed was a unique surprise even for me. However you choose to interpret it, I hope you enjoy!)



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