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If you’ve been following my blog for any length of time, you are probably familiar with my Sentient House of Doom (s.h.o.d. for short), and the havoc it wreaks on my life from time to time. There is a saying that ‘bad luck comes in threes’ and so began my December the year before last.

Three words:  Emergency root canal. That was my first bit of bad luck divided into three separate visits. My second piece of (simultaneous) bad luck had s.h.o.d. written all over it. Leaking lateral water line. You would think my house would take pity on me and my chipmunk-cheek antibiotic taking self (yeah, infection) but there I was turning my water on and off for about three weeks while I waited for my poor dad to come and rescue me (with an assist from my older brother).

My parents made the trek from Florida a couple of weeks early so they could help. It hadn’t snowed yet, miracle of miracles, so for a week or so my front yard looked like something out of the movie The Money Pit. I’m talking about a backhoe, a twelve-foot long and five-foot deep ditch, mutant grass roots, and mounds of dirt everywhere. Missile testing ground, you know. Third and finally, the oven dies on me and I couldn’t afford to replace it for another three months. Okay, the oven didn’t die until the first of January but I still say it counts.

The thing is, despite all of that, and the amazingly miserable story it left me to tell you, I was and am blessed to have my family there to help me. Not everyone can say that. I guess what I’m trying to say is this:  Take a moment to be grateful for whatever it is in your life you can be grateful for. I know it’s hard some days. Believe me I know. This December was shoddy for another reason entirely (a story for another December) but life goes on. So try and enjoy it. You never know what s.h.o.d. has in store for you in the future. By the way, for anyone interested, The Mirror:  A Short Story will be free through the 24th of December. Merry Christmas everyone.

2 thoughts on “A Very (S.h.o.d.)dy December

  1. K. Caffee says:

    Here’s hoping the new year is better than the last for you. Don’t have a house that’s trying to wreck the budget, but I do have a car that’s deciding it’s time for some TLC. EXPENSIVE stuff too. I’ve been waiting on the balance to build up enough I can afford the first fix, and along the way 2 more things have gone wrong. So, now I’m at three. And, hope it stays there for a while.


    1. Rea says:

      May your new year be better as well. Repairs can be pricey! I feel your pain. Hopefully your bad luck stops at three. Happy New Year!

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