Write As Rea

The happy intersection between what I want to write and what people want to read.

Although according to a couple of online quizzes I took I’m destined to be married to the undead.  You know the quizzes I’m talking about right?  The ones your friends find and then share on Facebook and you decide to take because you’re really (not) interested in finding out what color your aura is today.  Boredom, procrastination, or amusement are the words we’re looking for here.

So…I get back from vacation and because I felt like avoiding chores that had gathered up in my absence for a few more hours I took a couple.  One was something about which novel describes your life and of course I get Dracula.  Great book, by the way, that I read every Halloween, but a little disturbing in this particular instance.  Next quiz I take is the one asking what do men think of me and I get…future housewife.

Cue internal cackles of laughter and the lyrics to Johnnie Lee’s Looking For Love (in all the wrong places).  I’m suddenly picturing Dracula and me shacking up together while I send him off to work the graveyard shift with AB negative in the lunchbox.  Awesome!  Fun idea for a story maybe, although I think I’ll skip the next cemetery speed dating event…just in case.

2 thoughts on “I’m Alive!

  1. Tilly Frueh says:

    Cemetary speed dating…interesting. I wonder if that will catch on. In this day and age, it wouldn’t surprise me.


    1. Rea says:

      People might be dying to participate! 😉


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