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The happy intersection between what I want to write and what people want to read.

So I decided it was time for some shameless self-promotion.  The Mirror:  A Short Story was originally written when I was in college taking a creative writing course.  It was a little gem the instructor recommended I clean up a little and try to publish.  Instead, it sat forlornly in ‘the box’ under the bed for years as I went about living my life.  I never forgot the advice, though, and when I decided to try out self-publishing it seemed to be the natural choice to use as my first published work.

I wasn’t sure how it would be received.  It was, after all, a single short story from an unknown author, an experiment in e-book formatting, and an anxiety-inducing public appearance all rolled into one.  Oh, the pressure!  Would anyone even read it?  The answer was yes.  People were reading it.  They were enjoying it.  They were giving it a chance.  They were giving me a chance.

I suddenly remembered all the things I had read myself and how many of them I had loved and still loved.  I, too, wanted to be able to write things for people to love.  It’s something that makes me happy.  I hope you’ll consider giving it a look.  I offer it for free occasionally as part of Amazon’s promotions, one of which is starting the day of this post, although if you miss it I hope you might take a chance on my work anyway.  And if you write, I hope someone takes a chance on yours.

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