Write As Rea

The happy intersection between what I want to write and what people want to read.

So I was looking through my box of old stuff like I occasionally do when I want to see if I have anything worth revising and I found some old poetry from high school (I won’t comment on how long ago that’s been) and had a bit of a laugh at myself.  Not all of it was terrible, but some of it was deliberately terrible, and some of it was pretty good.  I’ve pulled three samples for your enjoyment.  I leave it to your judgment to decide which is which.

 Bananas are fruit

They taste like liquid sunshine

I hate bananas

I Love, Therefore I Enjoy Pain

I love him,

Yet my love he does not return.

Why?  Why me?  Because I have not told him.

But maybe it doesn’t matter,

For he might not care for me anyway

And so here I am, in pain, tired of it all

And to end my agony, I wish a rock

On him,

Would fall.

Pen Craft

A lifetime, encased in snowy drifts

The feelings unshared, unspoken,

My pen speaks for my mouth.

Its words more eloquent

Than any I could utter.

But the pen without the


directing its path

Is only,


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