Write As Rea

The happy intersection between what I want to write and what people want to read.

You’ve heard it.  I know you have.  That old creative writing standby of write what you know.  Just between you and me this is what I know.  My house is out to get me.  That’s right.  It’s alive and it doesn’t seem to like me very much.  My furnace died which ordinarily wouldn’t be an issue in May, but here I am hoping my pipes don’t freeze tonight, and by the way, they’ve been making ominous gurgling noises recently.  Don’t ask about last year.  I think the house is hoping I’ll give up on it and move out, but I’m pretty stubborn.  The experiences I’ve had with my home just got me contemplating the ways a house can create a setting or story of its own.  Mine would be a horror story at the moment I think.  How about yours?


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